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Welcome to Tuxfordonline

This website will give you the opportunity to find out what goes on in and around Tuxford.  Keeping you up to date with the latest activities.  

We are also adding a page to so you get up to date information and news via your phone or ipad.                To do this click here .  

We also have a list of other useful links to services and agencies that you may require.

Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire. The village, with a population of approximately 2,600, has an excellent range of shops and services and acts as a local centre for a number of adjoining villages.  Just outside Tuxford in the Newark and Sherwood District is Ollerton and the Ollerton and District Economic Forum (ODEF) which also has a tourism website which may be of interest. 

Tuxford’s historical role as a coaching stop for those travelling on the Great North Road, has declined in the last few decades with the construction of the A1 bypass. However agriculture, particularly corn and root crops, still forms an essential part or the local economy and a number of successful and diverse businesses are leading the way in the revitalisation of the village community.

Tuxford is a friendly and vibrant village with a strong sense of identity, which makes it a popular place for residents and visitors alike.

Tuxford has its own first class education with Tuxford Academy and Tuxford  Primary School and an excellent adult learning centre at the Mine of Information, specialising in Information Technology, as well as offering a range of other services to the local and surrounding communities.  

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