Tuxford Friends Network

  • Tuxford Friends Craft Group

    Tuxford Friends Craft Group

  • Bumble Bear made by the craft group

    Bumble Bear made by the craft group

  • Tuxford Friends Network

    Tuxford Friends Network

Tuxford Friends Network offers informal support for carers or older members of our sometimes isolated rural community. It gives support to those that may be suffering from depression and loneliness, through sociable interesting and fun activities. 

Befriending can make a real difference to someone during a time of change in their life. Befriending embraces a range of supportive and purposeful activity based around the development of a relationship. Over time one person (not family or close friend) offers support and encouragement to another to help make changes in their life.

Tuxford Friends Network are looking for individuals who can commit a few hours each week to offer help and support to someone in need. 

By becoming a befriender you will be able to use your skills in caring, listening and communication to make a real difference in someone's life.

You should be able to deal with befriendees in a non-judgemental and respectful way, whilst maintaining confidentiality and observing the networks organisational policies and procedures. You must be happy to undertake any training (provided by us) required to ensure that you are aware of issues affecting a particular client group. We will also offer ongoing support and mentoring both individually and at group volunteer get-togethers.

" At some time during our lives we could all benefit from the support of a befriender, no matter what our age is or what our circumstances are. I have seen the effect just a few hours of my time has made... I feel valued and useful ...which is a great feeling”

If this is something you feel that you might like to get involved with please call us on 01777 870040 and speak to Emma.