Get Involved

Tuxford Mine of Information supports and celebrates volunteering in all its diversity. Volunteering involves spending unpaid time doing something to help other people or groups. Evidence suggests that volunteering benefits to both the volunteers and the people they help.

Volunteering doesn’t just work one way. A study by the Royal Voluntary Service found that volunteering in later life decreased depression and social isolation. 

It was also found to boost quality of life and life satisfaction. It’s a great way to meet people and this can be vital for older volunteers and people who might be isolated or not particularly integrated into society.

Volunteering is great for self-esteem and motivation and improved self-esteem can have an effect on other areas of your health and life.

Why not give us a call at the Mine of Information and find out more about volunteering opportunities in the area.

Be a Volunteer

The Tuxfordian and Dial a Trip are always looking for delivers and drivers ! Why not get involved ! with these valuable community services.

Tuxford Friends Craft Group

Tuxford Friends Network

Tuxford Friends Network offers informal support for carers or older members of our sometimes isolated rural community. It gives support to those that may be suffering from depression and loneliness, through sociable interesting and fun activities. 



Tuxford Mine of Information is always grateful for any donations to help support the vital services we offer to the village and surrounding communites. We always need your help in any small way posible. You can donate directly through The Mine or Gift Aid and